Face of Your Town Project

The original idea for The Faces Of Your Town social project was started by the #1 Realtor in Hall County, Georgia. Based on his success, Brad Abernathy wanted to productize his philosophy of creating a closer sense of community across North America. Before taking this concept to market, he first needed to establish The Faces Of, LLC and develop a dedicated brand. Secondly, he needed to license this idea, complete with a website, automated platform, and brand assets that would both encourage and support growth. With the goal of acquiring multiple partners within each state throughout the country, the process needed to be scalable and automated. With Veugeler Creative’s assistance of building out an attractive brand and efficient platform, our team has been integral to the success of licensing over 300 partners.

Services Provided

• Website Design & Development

• Corporate Identity

• Social Graphics

• Email Marketing Templates

• Print & Promotional Collateral

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