Walt Wooden

B.F.A Graphic Design from Auburn University

Walt Wooden, Senior Web Developer at Veugeler Design Group (VDG), has 30 years of graphic design and website development experience. He joined VDG in 2011 and has successfully designed and developed hundreds of websites since that time. Originally, Walt attended Auburn University (yes, he’s still a diehard fan!) to pursue a degree in Chemical Engineering, but realized his talent and passion for Graphic Design – thus changing career paths. His scientific-oriented mind is still a prominent characteristic, however, and is evidenced by his creative yet analytical approach to website design & development. “Designing is the same as scientific experimentation to me,” he has said. Walt has an apparent tenacity and drive to create new things from scratch, research, analyze and teach. His calm demeanor and attitude is appreciated by clients and colleagues alike, especially when it comes to seemingly-stressful IT issues and troubleshooting. Walt has a desire to serve others and is a patient teacher, which has been an invaluable asset for teaching clients how to operate and manage their new websites. His handiwork expands far beyond the technological. When Walt (or “WaltGyver” as we say) isn’t perfecting the code to make your websites look amazing, you might find him making stained glass windows, brewing beer, woodworking, constructing furniture or remodeling the VDG headquarters!