Shay H.

B.F.A. Graphic Design from Murray State

Shay Harbaugh, Junior Art Director at Veugeler Design Group (VDG) is one of those people who truly lives and breathes great design. To say that she is passionate about the design industry as a whole, is an understatement. Since joining the team in 2012, Shay has stepped up to the plate as an instructor, leader and role model at VDG. After obtaining a hard-earned B.A. in Art & Graphic Design from Murray State University, Shay did not stop her pursuit of ongoing education. Quite the opposite! She has her pulse on the design world and is continuously seeking ways to grow as an artist. As an active member of many graphic design networking groups, Shay is the go-to girl for industry-related news and shares weekly inspiration with the VDG team. Shay can draw inspiration from, or point out design flaws, in just about anything and everything. She is a diehard Typography-lover and has an enormous collection of unique and custom fonts. Yes, she admittedly is a font snob and will even purchase products based solely on package design. But, it is that intricately creative mind and attention to detail that allows her to clearly convey a client’s message through her design. Her favorite thing about being a Graphic Designer? “It keeps me on my toes! I always try to keep up with current design trends and technology.”