Laura Payne

B.S. Entertainment Business from Full Sail University

Laura Payne, a graduate of Full Sail University, joined Veugeler Design Group (VDG) in 2007 when the company’s clientele and workload had nearly tenfold; and the need for somebody to manage the workflow, client/agency communication, deadlines and delegation was dire. Laura joined the team and saved the day (well, primarily their sanity) almost immediately! Her diverse background which includes: music label management, graphic design and sales at a Volkswagen dealer, has leant her a unique advantage in her ability to understand, explain and “speak both languages” to our clients and design team. On a daily basis, Laura Payne is juggling upwards of 300 emails and phone calls, hundreds of tight deadlines, lots of last-minute changes and detail-laden projects. She is THE queen of fast-paced and efficient multi-tasking! Her ability to troubleshoot an issue while smiling and laughing with a client is something that everyone should strive for. She is literally the wheels that keep this design factory rolling!