Brian Hassinger

B.A. Architecture/U of MN, B.F.A Graphic Design/SCAD

Brian Hassinger, a graduate of SCAD, developed his skills as a designer in many different industries, including: diamonds, home-building and direct mail. He joined Veugeler Design Group in 2012 and has been a valued member of the team ever since. Brian is very detail-oriented and thorough in his design work, which has led him the opportunity to take on bigger projects and new creative in recent years. Although he’s very sarcastic and witty with the team, his respect and appreciation of his colleagues is evident. One of his favorite things about being a designer? “Getting to make cool s*** all day!” (we told you he was sarcastic. “Honestly though, it’s knowing that my creativity is valued and being put it to good use. And the fact that so many people see our design work because of all the media we appear in/on.”