Degree in Graphic Design & Printing Technology from Lanier Technical College

April Miller joined Veugeler Design Group as an intern in 2010, eager to learn anything and everything about print design. Thankfully, her talent level matched her eagerness & passion, and she was quickly promoted to a full-time graphic designer several months later. This was a dream come true for a girl who loved drawing so much that she applied for art school at eight years old (after seeing a tv commercial). Later, she pursued a career in childhood education but eventually realized that her heart was still in design. Over the past few years April has grown tremendously as an artist, and has also demonstrated great rapport and customer service with clients. Promoting her to a joint role as Production Manager/Graphic Designer was a very natural process. And her ability to work extremely fast made her an especially ideal candidate for direct mail management. As an advocate of ongoing education, April is known to utilize her own free time to learn and advance as a designer. This dedication to her craft is recognized and appreciated by both clients and colleagues alike. Her favorite thing about working at VDG? “That it’s a place of quality, passion and heart. It all starts from the top and we are blessed to work for Randall & Angela, two of the greatest people I have ever met. They have built their business with passion and their heart for the staff is unbelievable. Not only do I get to follow my dream of being a designer, but I am fortunate enough to do it at VDG!”