Automotive Agency Creative Directors:
Never hire another graphic artist.
Since 2007, our team of automotive design experts have designed over
automotive print ads and thousands of web banners, e-blasts and direct mail pieces for hundreds of dealers.




examples of our work
Why deal with the hassle of finding an artist, paying for a salary, benefits, equipment, etc.? Grow your business in the safest way possible: without investment, without a large payroll, and without risking a client relationship. Automotive ad agencies across the country have known for years that the secret to getting the absolute best automotive print ads and digital graphics is by outsourcing their design work to Veugeler Design Group. We work daily as a white label design team for some of the biggest and best automotive ad agencies across the nation. Working behind the scenes, we do the heavy-lifting creative design for many or all of their accounts. As a completely ethical company, they trust that we never share any creative with any of their competitors – as evidenced by most of our clients utilizing our services for over 10 years.
“ VDG produces the best automotive ads in the country. Period.”
– Mike Lashuk, Formation Advertising
Save Time.
With a combined 80+ years in automotive design, our artists understand what elements go into an effective automotive ad. Don’t worry about holding our hands either. We know this business inside and out, love this industry and are fast…very fast! You can expect the best turnaround time in the industry coupled with creative that makes a big impact.
Save Money.
Outsourcing to VDG is an economical way to use your money in terms of labor and workforce. Since hiring is only project-based, you do not have to maintain a monthly or weekly salary or benefits for us. This allows you to save money for other important matters of your business. Whether utilizing our professional services for a one-off project, a short-term marketing campaign or a long-term engagement, you are in control of defining that time frame.
Get Better Quality.
Automotive advertising is an art form in and of itself and one that design schools simply don’t teach. Many art school graduates think they are “above” working in automotive advertising – we embrace it! VDG has assembled some of the finest automotive artists into one “super automotive art department” with one mission: to create the most effective print and digital design the industry has ever seen. Rest assured, our goal is to impress you because it is our ticket to getting good reviews and more projects from you in the future.
Take us for a test drive!
We are so confident in our services that we will let you try them for free! Send us an ad that you have been running for a client and let our automotive design experts refresh the look. If you love it, then start sending us other new creative to design like many of your competitors are already doing…you know, the ones that keep beating you for accounts. Email us at today to get started!
Worried about your creative being stolen?
We never share your concepts with any other agency. In fact, we’ll sign any confidentiality agreement you have. To be honest, we really don’t care what your ad says – we just want it to look good. You provide the script, and we’ll bring your vision to life.
Worried about being in the same market with another Veugeler Design Group client?
You might be already. We guarantee your ad will have a unique look. The only thing our ads have in common is they are the best.
Worried about your creative being stolen?
They don’t have to know. It’ll be our little secret.